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Check Engine Light Wesley Chapel

Check Engine Light Repairs

Your check engine light is one of the few MIL (malfunction indicator lamps) that come on when your vehicle's computer sees a problem. A check engine light could be a variety of problems, some, for instance, could be apparent problems like your car running rough, lack of power, or a vehicle overheating issue. A check engine light could come on in some cases where your vehicle will run adequately but still has an underlying problem that needs to be diagnosed. The pro demand system assists in the diagnostic process, allowing us to use wiring diagrams and other diagnostic routines so that we can get you up and running as soon as possible.


Some Common Reasons for a Check Engine Light? 

  • A loose gas cap causes gas fumes to leak out of the gas tank through the gas fill. 
  • Oxygen Sensor - If your car is running rough or if you are experiencing hard starts while the check engine is on, it could be the fault of this sensor. Oxygen Sensors measure the fuel-to-air mixture to optimize fuel economy and to minimize emissions.   
  • Another reason for your car running run or having hard starts that will trigger the check engine light to come on is - bad spark plugs or bad coil packs. Upon doing a complete diagnostic test, we will know which of these critical ignition components need to be replaced. 
  • Mass Air Flow sensors that measure the amount of air that is entering your engine could trigger a check engine light as it is part of the engine management system. Mass Air Low Sensors cause the same symptoms as ignition systems do, difficult starts, and rough idling.
  •  While it is rare that the catalytic converters need to be replaced, it will cause the check engine light to come on if it is bad. Catalytic Converters play a significant role in your vehicle's exhaust system, tuning carbon monoxide that is produced in the combustion process into carbon dioxide.
  • A leak in your vehicle's vacuum system could trigger a check engine light, too — the vacuum system assists in lowering emissions. Cracked or worn hoses are usually the culprit, which is caused by extreme temperatures, either cold or hot.
  • A flashing check engine light while your vehicle is operating on reduced power. This is known as "limp home mode" and you need to have your vehicle checked and repaired immediately. Don't worry about having your vehicle towed, We Come to You!

Don't forget that ALL-IN-1 Mobile Garage is available with our ASE certified technicians for all of your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs. From oil changes to major repairs, We Come to You and provide honest, affordable vehicle service.


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