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Brake Repairs Wesley Chapel

Brake Pads & Rotors

Brake pads & rotors are among the critical elements of a car or truck. Properly working brakes are vital to dependability and vehicle safety. Let the ASE Certified automotive technicians at ALL-IN-1 Mobile Garage inspect your brake pads & rotors to provide you with an honest assessment of your entire braking system. If your brakes are making noises or you don't feel like your vehicle is stopping in the distance that it should, don't take any chances. Have our automotive mechanics do a full inspection.

Is your brake light or ABS light lighting up? Do NOT ignore these lights; your braking system could be on the verge of a system failure. With the traffic in the Wesley Chapel  / Tampa area, you do not have room for failure! If your brakes fail, you are very likely to be part of an accident. The stop-and-go traffic patterns that are common to this area are brutal for brakes and the entire braking system. 

Brake pads should be changed between 25,000 to 75,000 depending on driving habits. Brake rotors should also be inspected when changing brake pads to see if they need to replace. 


What are some of the signs that your brakes need to be worked on? 

  • If you are hearing a crunching or grinding noise when breaking
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking
  • Feeling a vibration in your brake pedal
  • Bringing your vehicle to a stop takes longer
  • If you hear a squealing noise
  • Vehicle rolls when the emergency brake is applied

ALL-IN-1 Mobile Garage provides affordable brake repair service in Wesley Chapel, Florida, using only OEM recommended replacement parts. These high-quality parts ensure that your vehicle's braking system is working at peak performance and that your car will safely come to a stop within the manufacturer's specifications.   

If you use ALL-IN-1 Mobile Garage for your vehicle's regularly scheduled maintenance like oil changes & tire rotation, we will do a visual inspection of your braking system and make recommendations as needed for brake pad and rotor replacement. However, if your has any of the symptoms that are listed above, contact us immediately to avoid costly repairs. Having your brakes worked on at the first sign of any issues is always a safe practice.


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